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2020-05-29 01:42Documentation cleanup (more go-like)Benjamin Chausse3+48-30
2020-01-20 03:00Blank screen between playersBenjamin Chausse2+40-2
2020-01-20 02:22Form for name entry worksBenjamin Chausse1+26-2
2020-01-14 04:18No more prints, Escape now quits (sort of)Benjamin Chausse2+12-7
2020-01-14 04:02Log worksBenjamin Chausse2+95-88
2020-01-13 03:04Keybindings Show upBenjamin Chausse3+227-149
2020-01-12 22:57The player sees his own boatsBenjamin Chausse3+60-9
2020-01-11 04:50Cool new colors for the target boardBenjamin Chausse1+3-3
2020-01-11 04:42Merge branch 'master' of Chausse1+22-0
2020-01-11 04:38no more need for figlet ressources...Benjamin Chausse3+0-1043
2020-01-11 04:35Target UI +++ Target backend WORKSBenjamin Chausse3+102-71
2020-01-10 20:32Descriptive print in prep for PhilBenjamin Chausse1+4-2
2020-01-10 19:43Target shows a table and Hit needs polishing...Benjamin Chausse2+187-52
2020-01-09 20:53Layout placeholders scale correctly!Benjamin Chausse3+129-88
2020-01-09 00:32Merge branch 'master' into tviewBenjamin Chausse1+33-1
2020-01-08 00:42testing continuesBenjamin Chausse2+70-11
2020-01-07 01:12more flf fontsBenjamin Chausse2+824-0
2020-01-06 15:52Starting tui developpementBenjamin Chausse2+244-11
2019-12-31 15:31Initial commitBenjamin Chausse1+21-65
2019-12-31 15:25Code of conducts are bloatBenjamin Chausse1+0-18
2019-12-31 22:23Create CODE_OF_CONDUCT.mdBenjamin Chausse1+18-0
2019-12-31 22:17Create LICENSEBenjamin Chausse1+674-0
2019-12-31 15:10Removed benchmark actionBenjamin Chausse1+0-20
2019-12-31 22:09Update push.ymlBenjamin Chausse1+1-1
2019-12-31 22:07Create push.ymlBenjamin Chausse1+20-0
2019-12-31 22:05Create go.ymlBenjamin Chausse1+28-0
2019-12-31 15:05Initial commitBenjamin Chausse3+323-0