Vim Friffle

An eye catching, yet simple theme for vim.


I'm a huge fan of the nord theme for its relaxing color palette. I'm also a fan of green themes such as homebrew on macOS for their hommage to older days of computing. I wanted to try and bring the smoothness of the nord theme to a theme which relied on green as it's base. I wanted my theme to feel cohesive with my vim statusbar. Thus I also made a quite simple vim lightline theme to complement friffle.

I have often found that Nord had some colors which were to similar to one another and made syntax highlighting confusing at times. This is why I tried my best to make all the colors distinguishable from one another without being too agressive. Behold, friffle-vim.


Use your favourite plugin manager,



friffle-vim with C


friffle-vim with Go

Shell Scripts:

friffle-vim with Shell Scripts


friffle-vim with Html


This is still a work in progress and I fix things when I have the time. I know other people use other bars such as airline and powerline. I am not familiar with how these treat colors but if you wish to suggest it, please do so. Feel free to submit pull requests. The better it gets, the better for everyone!