My personal colorscheme for vim/neovim.
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commit 2d0615e843b1d289a82c35b3b4d17c3064450e70
parent d1f9be4ffb16420ef5029da712be344e901385a9
Author: Benjamin Chausse <>
Date:   Thu, 20 Feb 2020 21:09:09 -0500

Move file to the correct folder

Dfriffle.vim | 114-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 114 deletions(-)

diff --git a/friffle.vim b/friffle.vim @@ -1,114 +0,0 @@ -" Vim color file -" friffle -" Created by ChausseBenjamin with ThemeCreator ( - -hi clear - -if exists("syntax on") -syntax reset -endif - -set t_Co=256 -let g:colors_name = "friffle" - - -" Define reusable colorvariables. -let s:bg="#222d32" -let s:fg="#19B596" -let s:fg2="#17a78a" -let s:fg3="#15987e" -let s:fg4="#138a72" -let s:bg2="#343e42" -let s:bg3="#454f53" -let s:bg4="#575f63" -let s:keyword="#66aabb" -let s:builtin="#B7416E" -let s:const= "#E84F4F" -let s:comment="#42717B" -let s:func="#AACCBB" -let s:str="#EBCB88" -let s:type="#AE545A" -let s:var="#6D878D" -let s:warning="#D23D3D" -let s:warning2="#F07746" - -exe 'hi Normal guifg='s:fg' guibg='s:bg -exe 'hi Cursor guifg='s:bg' guibg='s:fg -exe 'hi CursorLine guibg='s:bg2 -exe 'hi CursorColumn guibg='s:bg2 -exe 'hi ColorColumn guibg='s:bg2 -exe 'hi LineNr guifg='s:fg2' guibg='s:bg2 -exe 'hi VertSplit guifg='s:fg3' guibg='s:bg3 -exe 'hi MatchParen guifg='s:warning2' gui=underline' -exe 'hi StatusLine guifg='s:fg2' guibg='s:bg3' gui=bold' -exe 'hi Pmenu guifg='s:fg' guibg='s:bg2 -exe 'hi PmenuSel guibg='s:bg3 -exe 'hi IncSearch guifg='s:bg' guibg='s:keyword -exe 'hi Search gui=underline' -exe 'hi Directory guifg='s:const -exe 'hi Folded guifg='s:fg4' guibg='s:bg - -exe 'hi Boolean guifg='s:const -exe 'hi Character guifg='s:const -exe 'hi Comment guifg='s:comment -exe 'hi Conditional guifg='s:keyword -exe 'hi Constant guifg='s:const -exe 'hi Define guifg='s:keyword -exe 'hi DiffAdd guifg=#fafafa guibg=#123d0f gui=bold' -exe 'hi DiffDelete guibg='s:bg2 -exe 'hi DiffChange guibg=#151b3c guifg=#fafafa' -exe 'hi DiffText guifg=#ffffff guibg=#ff0000 gui=bold' -exe 'hi ErrorMsg guifg='s:warning' guibg='s:bg2' gui=bold' -exe 'hi WarningMsg guifg='s:fg' guibg='s:warning2 -exe 'hi Float guifg='s:const -exe 'hi Function guifg='s:func -exe 'hi Identifier guifg='s:type' gui=italic' -exe 'hi Keyword guifg='s:keyword' gui=bold' -exe 'hi Label guifg='s:var -exe 'hi NonText guifg='s:bg4' guibg='s:bg2 -exe 'hi Number guifg='s:const -exe 'hi Operater guifg='s:keyword -exe 'hi PreProc guifg='s:keyword -exe 'hi Special guifg='s:fg -exe 'hi SpecialKey guifg='s:fg2' guibg='s:bg2 -exe 'hi Statement guifg='s:keyword -exe 'hi StorageClass guifg='s:type' gui=italic' -exe 'hi String guifg='s:str -exe 'hi Tag guifg='s:keyword -exe 'hi Title guifg='s:fg' gui=bold' -exe 'hi Todo guifg='s:fg2' gui=inverse,bold' -exe 'hi Type guifg='s:type -exe 'hi Underlined gui=underline' - -" Ruby Highlighting -exe 'hi rubyAttribute guifg='s:builtin -exe 'hi rubyLocalVariableOrMethod guifg='s:var -exe 'hi rubyGlobalVariable guifg='s:var' gui=italic' -exe 'hi rubyInstanceVariable guifg='s:var -exe 'hi rubyKeyword guifg='s:keyword -exe 'hi rubyKeywordAsMethod guifg='s:keyword' gui=bold' -exe 'hi rubyClassDeclaration guifg='s:keyword' gui=bold' -exe 'hi rubyClass guifg='s:keyword' gui=bold' -exe 'hi rubyNumber guifg='s:const - -" Python Highlighting -exe 'hi pythonBuiltinFunc guifg='s:builtin - -" Go Highlighting -exe 'hi goBuiltins guifg='s:builtin - -" Javascript Highlighting -exe 'hi jsBuiltins guifg='s:builtin -exe 'hi jsFunction guifg='s:keyword' gui=bold' -exe 'hi jsGlobalObjects guifg='s:type -exe 'hi jsAssignmentExps guifg='s:var - -" Html Highlighting -exe 'hi htmlLink guifg='s:var' gui=underline' -exe 'hi htmlStatement guifg='s:keyword -exe 'hi htmlSpecialTagName guifg='s:keyword - -" Markdown Highlighting -exe 'hi mkdCode guifg='s:builtin - -