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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -24,69 +24,6 @@ Arch-based distros such as Manjaro, Antergos and Parabola (although Parabola, which uses slightly different repositories might miss one or two minor programs). -Here are some of the things LARBS sets up: - -- Installs i3-gaps, a tiling window manager, with my fully featured - configuration along with dozens of lightweight and vim-centric terminal - applications that replace the more over-encumbering - programs on most machines. -- Massive documentation making use even for novices seamless. A help document - with all bindings for the window manager accessible with `Super+F1` at all - times, as well as commands such as `getkeys` which print the default bindings - of terminal applications. You can even stream instructional videos on topics - with `Super+Shift+E`. -- Installs [my dotfiles]( giving as - popularized on [my YouTube channel]( -- Sets up system requirements such as users, permissions, networking, audio and - an AUR manager. -- All done behind a `dialog` based user interface. - -## Changes since first release - -- More documentation in the `getkeys` program and `mod+shift-e`. -- Luke's build of st is now the default terminal, instead of urxvt. This - includes: - - Full unicode compatibility - - vim-like bindings - - Scrollback with keys and mouse, clipboard use and other add ons to - the default st build - - Xresources colors, allowing the use of wal/pywal -- i3status is the status bar instead of Polybar, which was bloated and failed - to build on many machines. The new i3status includes the modules below, all - of which are constructed to be as minimal and light on system resources as - possible: - - Weather forecasts using ``, with highs, lows and rain chance. - - Current song information from `mpd` - - Unread mail from Luke's `mutt-wizard` - - Possible pacman updates - - Status of torrents in transmission-daemon - - Expected date, time, battery, internet and volume modules -- Switch from mocp to mpd/ncmpcpp for music. -- System is more minimalist/suckless. -- dmenu is used instead of rofi for simplicity's sake. -- Deployment of my new mutt-wizard for secure offline email configuration - instead of config files for the user to manually edit. -- Firefox instead of qutebrowser for default browser (qutebrowser configs - remain for qutebrowser afeccionados) -- A default profile of Firefox including some privacy features, an ad-blocker - and VimVixen, for vim-based keyboard shortcuts. -- Extensive implementation of dmenu, including for mounting/unmounting drives, - display selection, confirmation for shutdown and other crucial commands, link - handling and screen/audio recording. -- Updates to config files can be pulled with git now. -- i3 window resize now intuitive directions -- Removal of a lot of brainlethood in the original design, where I relocated - configs for alleged extensibility's sake. That's all been fixed now. -- Configs for the new versions of qutebrowser, newsboat/newsbeuter, neomutt, - etc. -- Link handling scripts for mutt, newsboat and vim -- vi mode is now default in bash (with retention of emacs-mode ctrl-l) -- Caps lock functions both as a super key and escape key with xcape. -- Use of the much better, newer version of my shortcut-sync. -- And the repository is *significantly* smaller than it was before, meaning a - faster download. -- A million and one other tweaks and bug fixes. - ## Customization By default, LARBS uses the programs [here in progs.csv](archi3/progs.csv) and installs @@ -137,10 +74,3 @@ effectively with the `newperms` function. At the end of installation, `newperms` removes those settings, giving the user the ability to run only several basic sudo commands without a password (`shutdown`, `reboot`, `pacman -Syu`). - -## To-do list - -- Provide documentation on how to update dotfiles from remote repository. -- Enable tap to click. -- Keyboard luminosity script. -- Add notification icons?