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Author: Luke Smith <>
Date:   Sat, 18 May 2019 16:51:44 -0400

who needs 'um

Mvoiddwm/vprogs.csv | 8--------
1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/voiddwm/vprogs.csv b/voiddwm/vprogs.csv @@ -13,19 +13,15 @@ ,font-libertine-otf,"provides the sans and serif fonts for LARBS." ,lf,"is an extensive terminal file manager that everyone likes." ,arandr,"is a UI for screen adjustment." -,bc,"is used for a dropdown calculator." ,calcurse,"is a lightweight terminal-based calendar." ,xcompmgr,"is for transparency and removing screen-tearing." ,xorg-xprop,"is a tool for detecting window properties." ,libnotify,"allows desktop notifications." ,dunst,"is a suckless notification system." -,exfat-utils,"allows management of FAT drives." ,sxiv,"is a minimalist image viewer." ,xwallpaper,"sets the wallpaper." ,ffmpeg,"can record and splice video and audio on the command line." ,neovim,"an tidier vim with some useful features" -,i3blocks,"is the status bar." -,i3lock,"is the screen lock." ,mpd,"is a lightweight music daemon." ,mpc,"is a terminal interface for mpd." ,mpv,"is the patrician's choice video player." @@ -34,12 +30,10 @@ ,noto-fonts-emoji,"is a package that gives the system unicode symbols and emojis used in the status bar and elsewhere." ,font-symbola,"provides unicode and emoji symbols." ,alsa-utils,"is a package of audio utilities." -,imagemagick,"is a terminal image-manipulator providing some convenient shortcuts and the lockscreen in LARBS." ,sc-im,"is an Excel-like terminal spreadsheet manager." ,htop,"provides system usage information and displays processes." ,maim,"can take quick screenshots at your request." ,socat,"is a socket utility." -,tmux,"is a terminal multiplexer and the dropdown window in LARBS." ,unclutter-xfixes,"hides an inactive mouse." ,unrar,"extracts rar's." ,unzip,"unzips zips." @@ -62,6 +56,4 @@ G,,"runs commands and provides a UI for selection." G,,"is my custom build of suckless's terminal emulator." G,,"is the suckless web browser." -,docx2txt,"enables .docx file previews in vifm." -,odt2txt,"enables .odt file previews in vifm." ,ts,"queues commands or files for download."