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Author: Luke Smith <>
Date:   Fri,  3 Aug 2018 00:21:28 -0400

local repo died lol

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Mprogs.csv | 133+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------------------
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -3,29 +3,21 @@ # You can provide a custom repository with -r or a custom programs csv with -p. # Otherwise, the script will use my defaults. -### DEPENDENCIES: git, make and rsync. Make sure these are either in the progs.csv file or installed beforehand. +### DEPENDENCIES: git and make . Make sure these are either in the progs.csv file or installed beforehand. ### ### OPTIONS AND VARIABLES ### ### -while getopts ":a:r:p:h" o; do - case "${o}" in - h) - echo -e "Optional arguments for custom use:\n-r: Dotfiles repository\n-p: Dependencies and programs csv (url)\n-a: AUR helper (must have pacman-like syntax)\n-h show this message" && exit ;; - r) - dotfilesrepo=${OPTARG} ;; - p) - progsfile=${OPTARG} ;; - a) - aurhelper=${OPTARG} ;; - *) - echo "-$OPTARG is not a valid option." && exit ;; - esac -done +while getopts ":a:r:p:h" o; do case "${o}" in + h) echo -e "Optional arguments for custom use:\n-r: Dotfiles repository\n-p: Dependencies and programs csv (url)\n-a: AUR helper (must have pacman-like syntax, specifically, \`-S\` to install)\n-h: Show this message" && exit ;; + r) dotfilesrepo=${OPTARG} ;; + p) progsfile=${OPTARG} ;; + a) aurhelper=${OPTARG} ;; + *) echo "-$OPTARG is not a valid option." && exit ;; +esac done # DEFAULTS: - [ -z ${dotfilesrepo+x} ] && dotfilesrepo="" [ -z ${progsfile+x} ] && progsfile="" [ -z ${aurhelper+x} ] && aurhelper="packer" @@ -78,31 +70,38 @@ adduserandpass() { \ echo "$name:$pass1" | chpasswd unset pass1 pass2 ;} -packerwrapper() { \ - # INPUT: a list of programs - # OUTPUT: put uninstalled progs in $mainqueue or $aurqueue depending on - # if they're in the main repos or the AUR. - posprogs=$(pacman -Sl | awk '{print $2}') - for arg in "$@"; do - pacman -Q "$arg" &>/dev/null && continue - pacman -Qg "$arg" &>/dev/null && continue - grep "^$arg$" <<< $posprogs &>/dev/null && mainqueue="$mainqueue $arg" && continue - aurqueue="$aurqueue $arg" - done ;} - -programinventory() { \ - dialog --infobox "Getting program list..." 4 40 - packerwrapper $(curl -sL $progsfile | grep ^, | cut -d ',' -f2) - } - -gitinstall() { for gitrepo in $@; do +gitmakeinstall() { dir=$(mktemp -d) - dialog --infobox "Installing \"$(basename $gitrepo)\" from source..." 4 40 - git clone --depth 1 "$gitrepo" $dir + dialog --title "LARBS Installation" --infobox "Installing \`$(basename $1)\` via \`git\` and \`make\`. $1 ${@:2}." 4 40 + git clone --depth 1 "$1" $dir &>/dev/null cd $dir make &>/dev/null make install &>/dev/null - done ;} + cd /tmp ;} + +maininstall() { # Installs all needed programs from main repo. + dialog --title "LARBS Installation" --infobox "Installing \`$1\` ($n of $total). $1 ${@:2}." 5 70 + pacman --noconfirm --needed -S "$1" &>/dev/null + } + +aurinstall() { \ + dialog --title "LARBS Installation" --infobox "Installing \`$1\` ($n of $total) from the AUR. $1 ${@:2}." 5 70 + grep "^$1$" <<< "$aurinstalled" && return + sudo -u $name $aurhelper -S --noconfirm "$1" &>/dev/null + } + +installationloop() { \ + curl -Ls "$progsfile" > /tmp/progs.csv + total=$(wc -l < /tmp/progs.csv) + aurinstalled=$(pacman -Qm | awk '{print $1}') + while IFS=, read -r tag program comment; do + n=$((n+1)) + case "$tag" in + "") maininstall "$program" "$comment" ;; + "A") aurinstall "$program" "$comment" ;; + "G") gitmakeinstall "$program" "$comment" ;; + esac + done <<< $(cat /tmp/progs.csv) ;} serviceinit() { for service in $@; do dialog --infobox "Enabling \"$service\"..." 4 40 @@ -111,7 +110,7 @@ serviceinit() { for service in $@; do done ;} newperms() { # Set special sudoers settings for install (or after). - sed -e "/#LARBS/d" /etc/sudoers + sed -i "/#LARBS/d" /etc/sudoers echo "$@ #LARBS" >> /etc/sudoers ;} systembeepoff() { dialog --infobox "Getting rid of that retarded error beep sound..." 10 50 @@ -123,7 +122,7 @@ installdotfiles() { # Download $dotfilesrepo and install them in user's home. dialog --infobox "Downloading and installing config files..." 4 60 rm -rf /tmp/dotfiles/ sudo -u $name git clone --depth 1 $dotfilesrepo /tmp/dotfiles &>/dev/null && - sudo -u $name rsync -rl /tmp/dotfiles/ /home/$name + sudo -u $name cp -rT /tmp/dotfiles/ /home/$name } resetpulse() { dialog --infobox "Reseting Pulseaudio..." 4 50 @@ -139,25 +138,7 @@ manualinstall() { # Installs $1 manually if not installed. Used only for AUR hel sudo -u $name tar -xvf $1.tar.gz &>/dev/null && cd $1 && sudo -u $name makepkg --noconfirm -si &>/dev/null - cd /tmp) - } - -installmainprograms() { # Installs all needed programs from main repo. - count=$(echo "$mainqueue" | wc -w) - for x in $mainqueue; do - n=$((n+1)) - dialog --title "LARBS Installation" --infobox "Downloading and installing program $n out of $count: $x...\n\nThe first programs will take more time due to dependencies." 7 70 - pacman --noconfirm --needed -S "$x" &>/dev/null - done ;} - -installaurprograms() { \ - count=$(echo "$aurqueue" | wc -w) - n=0 - for prog in $aurqueue; do - n=$((n+1)) - dialog --infobox "Downloading and installing AUR program $n out of $count: $prog..." 6 70 - sudo -u $name $aurhelper -S --noconfirm "$prog" &>/dev/null - done ;} + cd /tmp) ;} finalize(){ \ dialog --infobox "Preparing welcome message..." 4 50 @@ -171,10 +152,6 @@ finalize(){ \ ### This is how everything happens in an intuitive format and order. ### -# NOTE: If you're deploying a system that doesn't require AUR packages, you -# don't need to include `installaurprograms` `manualinstall $aurhelper` -# (obviously), but also `getpermissions`. - # Check if user is root on Arch distro. Install dialog. initialcheck @@ -197,45 +174,33 @@ adduserandpass # Refresh Arch keyrings. refreshkeys -# Checks progs and current programs to see what's needed. -programinventory - -# Must be run sometime after `programinventory`. -# This will usually be the longest command by a large margin. -installmainprograms - # Allow user to run sudo without password. Since AUR programs must be installed # in a fakeroot environment, this is required for all builds with AUR. newperms "%wheel ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" -# Install AUR helper. Needs sudo w/o passwd. manualinstall $aurhelper -# $aurhelper must be installed to run this. Needs sudo w/o passwd. -installaurprograms +# The command that does all the installing. Reads the progs.csv file and +# installs each needed program the way required. Be sure to run this only after +# the user has been created and has priviledges to run sudo without a password +# and all build dependencies are installed. +installationloop installdotfiles # Pulseaudio, if/when initially installed, often needs a restart to work immediately. [[ -f /usr/bin/pulseaudio ]] && resetpulse -# Must be run sometime after `userandpassword`. -# git and rsync must be installed. -gitinstall - # Enable services here. serviceinit NetworkManager cronie # Most important command! Get rid of the beep! systembeepoff -# Should only be run after `installaurprograms`. Not strictly necessary if you -# want the more permissive sudo settings set above. # This line, overwriting the `newperms` command above will allow the user to run # serveral important commands, `shutdown`, `reboot`, updating, etc. without a password. newperms "%wheel ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/shutdown,/usr/bin/reboot,/usr/bin/wifi-menu,/usr/bin/mount,/usr/bin/umount,/usr/bin/pacman -Syu,/usr/bin/pacman -Syyu,/usr/bin/packer -Syu,/usr/bin/packer -Syyu,/usr/bin/systemctl restart NetworkManager,/usr/bin/rc-service NetworkManager restart, /usr/bin/pacman -Syyu --noconfirm" # Last message! Install complete! finalize - clear diff --git a/progs.csv b/progs.csv @@ -1,67 +1,66 @@ -~,NAME,PURPOSE -,arandr,gui adjustment of screen -,base-devel,sudo and compilation software -,calcurse,calendar -,compton,transparency and removing tearing -,cronie,cron manager -,dmenu,command runner -,dosfstools,file system compatibility -,dunst,notification system -,exfat-utils,file system compatibility -,feh,image viewer -,ffmpeg,audio/video recording and splicing -,firefox,default browser -,git,dling config repos -,gnome-keyring,system keyring -,gnome-themes-extra,for dark GTK theme -,gvim,text editor -,i3-gaps,window manager -,i3blocks,status bar -,i3lock,screen lock -,mpc,music daemon control -,mpd,music daemon -,mpv,video/gif player -,ncmpcpp,music player -,networkmanager,network manager -,network-manager-applet,status bar internet applet -,newsboat,RSS reader -,ttf-emojione,emoji fonts -,ntfs-3g,file system compatibility -,packer,AUR manager -,pamixer,audio system control -,pulseaudio,audio system -,pulseaudio-alsa,audio system -,pulsemixer,audio system manager -,python-pywal,colorscheme generator -,rsync, -,sc-im,spreadsheet manager -,screenkey,screencasting keyboard view -,scrot,screenshoter -,speedometer,internet traffic view -,tmux,multiplexer and dropdown -,ttf-inconsolata,mono font -,ttf-linux-libertine,non-mono fonts -,unclutter-xfixes-git,hides mouse if idle -,unrar,extraction -,unzip,extraction -,urlview,url parser for terminal apps -,vim-pathogen,vim package manager -,w3m, -,wget, -,xcape,for double mapping of escape -,xdotool,moving windows on command -,xorg-server,graphical environment -,xorg-xdpyinfo,screencasting -,xorg-xinit,graphical environment -,xssstate,screen idle detection -,youtube-dl,downloads youtube videos -,youtube-viewer,watch YT videos without browser -,zathura,pdf reader -,zathura-djvu,djvu reader -,zathura-pdf-mupdf,pdf compatibility -,poppler,ranger pdf previews -,ranger,file manager -,mediainfo,ranger audio/video info preview -,atool,ranger archive previews -,fzf,ranger fuzzy finder -,highlight,ranger previews highlighted +TAG,NAME,PURPOSE +,base-devel,is a group package with sudo and compilation software +,git,is a version control system +,i3-gaps,is the main graphical user interface and window manager +A,packer,can install packages from the AUR +,xorg-server,is the graphical server +,xorg-xdpyinfo,retrieves screen information for some scripts +,xorg-xinit,starts the graphical server +G,,is my custom build of suckless's terminal emulator +G,,runs commands and provides a UI for selection +,ranger,the file manager +,arandr,is a UI for screen adjustment +,calcurse,is a lightweight terminal-based calendar +,compton,for transparency and removing screen-tearing +,cronie,manages scheduled tasks +,dosfstools,allows your computer to access dos-like filesystems +,dunst,is a suckless notification system +,exfat-utils,allows management of FAT drives +,feh,is a minimal image viewer +,ffmpeg,can record and splice video and audio on the command line +,firefox,is the only program on LARBS your girlfriend has ever heard of +,gnome-keyring,serves as the system keyring +,gnome-themes-extra,gives the dark GTK theme used in LARBS +,gvim,provides a build of vim with the ability to copy and paste between other programs +,i3blocks,is the status bar +,i3lock,is the screen lock +,mpd,is a lightweight music daemon +,mpc,is a terminal interface for mpd +,mpv,is the patrician's choice video/gif player +,ncmpcpp,a ncurses interface for music, with extensive views, tag editing and more +,networkmanager,does exactly what it sounds like +,network-manager-applet,appears in the top right corner and manages the wi-fi connection +,newsboat,is a terminal RSS client +A,ttf-emojione,is a package that gives the system unicode symbols and emojis used in the status bar and elsewhere. +,ntfs-3g,allows accessing NTFS partitions +,pulseaudio,is the audio system (>inb4 bloat) +,pulseaudio-alsa,is an audio interface with ALSA +,pamixer,is a terminal audio control interface +,pulsemixer,is an intuitive ncurses audio controller +,python-pywal,generates color schemes based on your wallpaper +A,sc-im,is an Excel-like terminal spreadsheet manager +A,htop-vim-git,provides system usage information and displays processes +,scrot,can take quick screenshots at your request +,tmux,is a terminal multiplexer and the dropdown window in LARBS +,ttf-inconsolata,is the monospace font of LARBS +,ttf-linux-libertine,provides the sans and serif fonts for LARBS +A,unclutter-xfixes-git,hides an inactive mouse +,unrar,extracts rar's +,unzip,unzips zips +A,urlview,parses URLs in the terminal allowing keyboard-based selection +A,vim-pathogen,manages vim plugins +,w3m,is a terminal browser which can also view images +,wget,downloads sites and files on the command line +,xcape,gives the special escape/super mappings of LARBS +,xdotool,provides window action utilities on the command line. +,xssstate,times out the screen if locked +,youtube-dl,can download any YouTube video, playlist or channel when given the link +,youtube-viewer,is a terminal interface for watching YouTube videos without a browser +,zathura,is a pdf viewer with vim-like bindings +,zathura-djvu,gives zathura the ability to read .djvu files +,zathura-pdf-mupdf,allows mupdf pdf compatibility in zathura +,poppler,manipulates .pdfs and gives .pdf previews in ranger +,mediainfo,shows audio and video information and is used by ranger as well +,atool,manages and gives information about archives +,fzf,is a fuzzy finder tool +,highlight,can highlight code output