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Date:   Tue, 23 Jan 2018 11:21:20 -0700

website fixes

Mwww/previews.html | 4+++-
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Mwww/programs.html | 10+++-------
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diff --git a/www/previews.html b/www/previews.html @@ -16,6 +16,8 @@ <div id="prev"> +<a href="previews/pic.jpg"><img width="650px" src="previews/pic.jpg"></a> + <a href="previews/bow.png"><img width="650px" src="previews/bow.png.jpg"></a> <a href="previews/larbs.png"><img width="650px" src="previews/larbs.png"></a> @@ -26,6 +28,6 @@ </div> - + </body> </html> diff --git a/www/previews/pic.jpg b/www/previews/pic.jpg Binary files differ. diff --git a/www/programs.html b/www/programs.html @@ -18,9 +18,11 @@ <ul> <li>i3-gaps (window manager)</li> <li>polybar &ndash; status bar (the thing at the top)</li> - <li>urxvt &ndash; terminal emulator (Mod+Enter)</li> + <li>qutebrowser &ndash; a vim-based and extensible browser</li> + <li>st (<a target="_blank" href="">my own personal build</a>) &ndash; terminal emulator (Mod+Enter)</li> <li>rofi &ndash; run prompt (Mod+d)</li> <li>ranger &ndash; file browser (Mod+r; also numerous tools for getting previews)</li> + <li>sc-im &ndash; a vim-centered terminal spreadsheet manager</li> <li>neomutt &ndash; email (Mod+e; requires some setup)</li> <li>w3m &ndash; terminal browser and tool for viewing images in the terminal</li> <li>newsbeuter &ndash; RSS reader (Mod+n)</li> @@ -31,7 +33,6 @@ <li>youtube-dl &ndash; terminal tool for downloading online videos/audio/playlists from various sites</li> <li>feh (image viewer and used for wallpapers)</li> <li>mupdf &ndash; .pdf viewer</li> - <li>evince &ndash; another .pdf viewer, not as lightweight as mupdf, but better for viewing enormous .pdfs</li> <li>scrot &ndash; for taking screenshots</li> <li>tmux &ndash; terminal multiplexer</li> <li>R &ndash; used as a calculator (Mod+a), but can be used generally as well</li> @@ -49,16 +50,11 @@ <li>unzip, unrar &ndash; for archive extraction</li> <li>ntfs-3g, dosfstools &ndash; for handling Windows-formatted USBs</li> <li>mpd &ndash; backend for music/audio</li> - <li>pywal &ndash; theme setter</li> <li>compton &ndash; composite manager</li> </ul> <h2>Optional installation</h2> -<h3>Browsers to choose from</h3> - -<p>qutebrowser, Firefox, Waterfox, Palemoon. I mostly use Waterfox nowadays; I recommend the VimFX plugin.</p> - <h3>LaTeX Packages</h3> <p>If you choose this option, you'll get all LaTeX packages (texlive-most, texlive-lang), biber for references and the vim-live-latex-preview for automatic compiling.</p>