NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
archerMy humble Arch linux bootstraper. Benjamin Chausse2020-10-19 23:32
battleship-goTerminal-based battleship written in Go (WIP). Benjamin Chausse2020-05-29 01:42
bpMinimal static photo-gallery generator Benjamin Chausse2021-03-24 05:02
cambridge-piRaspPi IR transmiter for a cambridge Amplifier (AX60) Benjamin Chausse2021-03-12 22:50
climbingData about my local climbing gym. Benjamin Chausse2021-01-03 02:59
dmenuMy build of suckless' dmenu Benjamin Chausse2021-02-24 03:46
dotfilesMy personal configuration files. Benjamin Chausse2021-05-01 15:12
dwmMy build of suckless' dwm. Benjamin Chausse2021-02-23 18:39
dwmblocksMy build of dwmblocks ( Benjamin Chausse2020-12-01 21:42
friffle-vimMy personal colorscheme for vim/neovim. Benjamin Chausse2021-02-28 21:02
groffdownMarkdown to groff/troff conversion script. Benjamin Chausse2020-10-17 23:52
larbsLuke's Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Script. 2021-01-21 02:46
nnfsNeural Networks From Scratch walkthrough (for personal use) Benjamin Chausse2021-03-03 03:54
sentMy build of suckless' sent. Benjamin Chausse2020-10-29 19:17
slockMy build of the suckless screenlocker. Benjamin Chausse2020-11-21 06:51
stMy build of suckless' st. Benjamin Chausse2021-02-17 10:25
stagitMy build of stagit with markdown rendering. Benjamin Chausse2020-11-07 15:17
tex-tutsFrench LaTeX tutorial file for friends and colleagues. Benjamin Chausse2020-10-31 03:00
youtube-dlKeeping a fork of this repo to keep it alive. Benjamin Chausse2020-11-03 04:26


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