My personal colorscheme for vim/neovim.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -0,0 +1,25 @@ +Vim Friffle +--- +An eye catching, yet simple theme for vim. +Still a work in progress... + +## Inspiration +I'm a huge fan of the [nord theme]( for its relaxing color palette. I'm also a fan of green themes such as homebrew on macOS for their hommage to older days of computing. I wanted to try and bring the smoothness of the nord theme to a theme which relied on green as it's base. + +I have often found that Nord had some colors which were to similar to one another and made syntax highlighting confusing at times. This is why I tried my best to make all the colors distinguishable from one another without being too agressive. Behold, friffle-vim. + +## Showcase + +**C:** +![friffle-vim with C]( +**Golang:** +![friffle-vim with Go]( +**Shell Scripts:** +![friffle-vim with Shell Scripts]( +**Html** +![friffle-vim with Html]( + +## Known Issues: +This is still a work in progress and I fix things when I have the time. + +- [ ] Higlighting tab suggestions in command mode is waay too yello