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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,65 +0,0 @@ ---- -title: Groffdown -author: Benjamin Chausse -date: 2019-09-19 -Markdown syntax with GNU/Troff-like compilation speeds. ---- - -## What is Groffdown? - -Groffdown aims to take the already existing (and well-known) -markdown syntax and make it compile at speed similar to the -ones of groff. The main compiler for markdown to pdf usually -being `pandoc`, it can be quite long to compile a document (up -to four seconds for one page documents -in some cases) unlike Groff which is known -to usually compile very quickly (0.1 second on average for -one page documents). As a proof of concept, this *README* -pages can be fully compiled using groffdown to then be used by groff. - -# Example piping workflow -Groffdown is a script which when run on a markdown document, -will convert the most typical markdown syntax into groff -(using the `ms` macros) to then send it to standard output. -Therefore, it can be piped directly into groff (or -it's related software). Here is an example of a complete piping -command: - -- groffdown <filename>.gd | refer -PS -e "-p$REFERBIB" | groff -me -ms -kejpt -T pdf > <filename>.pdf - -# Syntax goals -- Speed -- Markdown Syntax (with yaml preamble) -- LaTeX where markdown lacks - - -## Existing Syntax - -### Commands similar to markdown -- Headers (1-5) -- *Italic* -- **Bold** -- ***Bold & Italic*** -- Bullet points -- `Code blocks (in a monospaced font)` - -### Commands similar to LaTeX -- Abstract -- Inline equations -- Centered equations -- Citations - -### Commands similar to YAML -- Titles -- Authors -- Dates -- Author's Institution - -# Current issues -- All text formatings need to be on the same line (you can't start bold - on one line and finish on the other) Doing otherwise seems to trigger - an unescapable recursive loop on the groff side of things. - -# Needed implementations -- Numbered lists -- multi-macro compatibility (mom macros for urls)- \ No newline at end of file