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diff --git a/www/index.html b/www/index.html @@ -24,6 +24,8 @@ <p><b>Want to see some screenshots of LARBS? <a href="previews.html">Previews of LARBS</a>.</b></p> +<p><b>If you have questions, <a href="">email me</a> or ask on <a target="_blank" href="">the forum</a>.</b></p> + <h3>Installation</h3> <p>LARBS can be installed on any derivative of Arch Linux that uses the Arch repositories (including Manjaro and Antergos, etc. (but not Parabola, e.g.)). I recommend you to install it on a fresh installation to avoid conflict with other desktop environments, although you can run it on an already existing install. <b>Note:</b> LARBS will install config files in the home directory of the user you give it. It will not wipe your Documents or anything, but it will overwrite your <code>~/.bashrc</code>, etc. If you have config files you want to hold on to, either back them up or you can select to install LARBS to another user.</p>