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diff --git a/docs/ b/docs/ @@ -2,24 +2,23 @@ [Official Website:]( -This is a set of scripts either can either (1) install Arch Linux automatically -with a typical Arch ISOed USB, and perhaps more prominently (2) automatically -install and configure all of the prerequisites for an advanced Linux desktop -environment, using my configs [here]( -as a base. +LARBS is a quick series of scripts deployable on a fresh installation of Arch +Linux. They automatically install and setup a fully-featured, but still +lightweight tiling window manager "suite", meant to be minimal and +keyboard-based. +LARBS is also intensely well-documented. Users can press `super+F1` at any time +to view a full guide and explanation of the keyboard shortcuts. The only +advised foreknowledge for potential users is a general familiarity with vim. -## About +Now there are also small scripts like `getkeys` which display the default +bindings for the different terminal programs used by the system. Users can also +press `super+shift+e` at any time to watch a growing list of tutorial videos on +the same programs and other basic concepts from [my YouTube channel]( -Really, the goal of this script is to start a kind of Linux meta-distribution -which makes the more nuanced aspects of an advanced Linux setup available to -even Linux newbies. Of course, it's also a great tool for advanced users who -want to get into tiling window managers and just generally cool-looking and -efficient worksetups. - -All the core stuff we be installed without prompt, but you'll have the option -to install some of the larger non-essential packages (LaTeX, LibreOffice, -emacs, etc.). +You can also easily fork these scripts for your own purposes to deploy your own +configs if you like. All the actual scripts do is install a `.csv` list of +programs of your choice and set up system basics. ## Requirements @@ -34,25 +33,18 @@ Pulseaudio and Network Manager after running the script. ### On an already existing Arch install -This is just as easy. Log in as the root user and run the following. +Boot up a fresh Arch install and run the following as the root user. ```sh curl -LO #Downloads the script. bash #Runs it. ``` -After prompting you for some settings and some package choices, the system will -install my full i3-gaps tiling window manager Desktop Environment. If you don't -know what that means, don't worry, because I've gone to great lengths to write -readable instructions about how to go PRO super quick with this system. - -Finally, it will use `git` to download my -[Voidrice]( -dotfiles and will plop them in their proper location for instant use! - -Then, finally, once that all is done, you should be able to log out, then log in -as your newly created user and type `startx` to begin the graphical environment. -Congrats! +Once that all is done, you should be able to log out, then log in as your newly +created user and type `startx` to begin the graphical environment. Congrats! +Note that if the graphical environment doesn't start correctly, you might want +to see what kind of drivers your computer needs to run Arch and install them +via `pacman` manually. ### Installing Arch automatically @@ -79,38 +71,21 @@ while. As general dependencies are installed, things will move very quickly. Still, since this is a total online install, it might take a little longer than just installing a distro from an ISO. -## How to Use - -Once you're in the environment, just type `Super` / `Mod` / `Windows` + `F1` to -pull up a document that will explain everything. - - -## Permission Details (sudoers file) +## Details -These script will give your new created user (and those others you put in the -`wheel` group) sudo access (with a password), but will also allow some commands -to be run without any password confirmation. Those include: - -+ `shutdown` -+ `reboot` -+ `pacman -Syyu`/`pacman -Syu` -+ `packer -Syyu`/`packer -Syu` -+ `mount` -+ `umount` -+ `systemctl restart NetworkManager` - -Additionally, if you've put your password in a terminal window already, you will -not need to repeat putting it in in other terminal windows. +In addition to installing all the needed dependencies, LARBS also: +- Enables `wheel` users to run basic commands without passwords including + shuttting down, rebooting and updating packages. +- Installs and enables NetworkManager and Pulseaudio. +- Disables the beep. ## Version We're close to what can be called LARBS 2.0, and here are some of the major changes since the original version. -- Deployment of my new mutt-wizard for secure offline email configuration - instead of config files for the user to manually edit. -- System is more minimalist/suckless. +- More documentation in the `getkeys` program and `mod+shift-e`. - Luke's build of st is now the default terminal, instead of urxvt. This includes: - Full unicode compatibility @@ -129,9 +104,14 @@ changes since the original version. - Status of torrents in transmission-daemon - Expected date, time, battery, internet and volume modules - Switch from mocp to mpd/ncmpcpp for music. +- System is more minimalist/suckless. - dmenu is used instead of rofi for simplicity's sake. +- Deployment of my new mutt-wizard for secure offline email configuration + instead of config files for the user to manually edit. - Firefox instead of qutebrowser for default browser (qutebrowser configs remain for qutebrowser afeccionados) +- A default profile of Firefox including some privacy features, an ad-blocker + and VimVixen, for vim-based keyboard shortcuts. - Extensive implementation of dmenu, including for mounting/unmounting drives, display selection, confirmation for shutdown and other crucial commands, link handling and screen/audio recording. @@ -151,31 +131,5 @@ changes since the original version. ### Soon to be added features -- A custom build of Firefox with privacy and efficiently settings and add-ons - for clean and flexible navigation without crap in your face. -- A little script that can stream tutorial videos directly about specific parts - of the system. -- A terminal command that shows important bindings for major programs. - - -## Why I made this - -When you've installed Arch Linux 6 gorrillian times like me, you get pretty sick -of having to reproduce your favorite configuration on fresh installs over and -over. When you're a C-list YouTube celebrity, it gets even more difficult when -literally thousands of people ask you how to do X or get Y. - -The LARBS are a final solution to all of that. These scripts are to be run on a -fresh install of Arch Linux, and they create a user, install all required -programs and set up dotfiles directly from Github to give normal people a fairly -sleek Linux configuration without hundreds of autistic hours. I did the work, so -why should you? - -I've also documented the configuration fairly well, check out the documentation -on my **voidrice** repository for that. - -## Customization - -You can clone and edit the scripts to meet your own requirements, it's simple enough to use your own dotfiles by changing the relevant lines in `` and the desired programs in `progs.csv`. Be sure make sure to refer to your offline versions of these files in the scripts if you do so. - -In the future, I'm planning even more customization, including the automatic generation of the programs menu, so that should make specialized deployments even easier. +*At this point, all the planned features are there, and it's now just an issue +of fine-tuning them.*