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README: sort program names and write more clearly

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -39,17 +39,17 @@ Files sfeed - Binary (from sfeed.c); read XML RSS or Atom feed data from stdin. Write feed data in tab-separated format to stdout. -sfeed_html - Format feeds file (TSV) to HTML. -sfeed_frames - Format feeds file (TSV) to HTML file(s) with frames. -sfeed_mbox - Format feeds file (TSV) to mbox. -sfeed_opml_import - Generate a sfeedrc config file based on an opml file. -sfeed_opml_export - Generate an opml file based on a sfeedrc config file. -sfeed_plain - Format feeds file (TSV) to a plain-text list. +sfeed_frames - Format feed data (TSV) to HTML file(s) with frames. +sfeed_html - Format feed data (TSV) to HTML. +sfeed_opml_export - Generate an OPML XML file from a sfeedrc config file. +sfeed_opml_import - Generate a sfeedrc config file from an OPML XML file. +sfeed_mbox - Format feed data (TSV) to mbox. +sfeed_plain - Format feed data (TSV) to a plain-text list. sfeed_update - Shellscript; update feeds and merge with old feeds in the - file $HOME/.sfeed/feeds by default. + directory $HOME/.sfeed/feeds by default. sfeed_web - Find urls to RSS/Atom feed from a webpage. sfeed_xmlenc - Detect character-set encoding from XML stream. -sfeedrc.example - Example config file. +sfeedrc.example - Example config file. Can be copied to $HOME/.sfeed/sfeedrc. style.css - Example stylesheet to use with sfeed_html and sfeed_frames.